Benefits of Buying a Used Car

Take the Stress out of Buying a Used Car

Buying a car can be a stressful experience. Whether you are worried about quality, price, or longevity there are many factors to consider. We here at Hendrick Pre-Owned hope to shed some light on the car buying process and show you the benefits of purchasing a used vehicle.

Benefits of Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle in Cary Instead of a New Vehicle

Cost: This is the most obvious benefit when a prospective shopper considers a high quality pre-owned car. With a reduced cost you may be able to splurge a bit and buy up to a higher quality model that you otherwise might not want to spend top dollar on.

Insurance: Used Vehicles are generally cheaper to insure. This is the rule, but there are some exceptions. Cars naturally go through normal wear with daily driving and this will reduce the cost of insurance when getting a ding or two in your car is less worrisome once someone has already gone through this phase of ownership with the car.

Choice: When you buy a new car from a dealership you are often limited to the selection of brands that they have on the lot.  Used cars dealers will have a myriad of makes, models, and brands. The secondary market will have even more options when dealing with private owners. If you are looking for a feature that has been discontinued or if you really like one specific older model you will have a much easier time looking at used car dealerships or with independent owners.

One common concern when buying used car is quality. Many people think that when you buy a used car you are buying some else's headaches. However cars are just made better these days, the stigma of used car quality is being done away with by the excellent craftsmanship and ingenuity of the auto industry. Chances are that if you buy a used car that was made in the last five years or so that you are getting a high quality vehicle.

Most manufacturers now have rigorous standards for cars that are "certified" pre-owned. These standards make sure that only the cream of the crop can be called "certified". With certified used cars you can rest easy knowing that the quality of these cars is almost on par with new cars still on the lot.


Frequently Asked Questions about Buying a Used Car

Why should I buy a used car from a dealership?

It would be wise to buy a pre-owned car from a dealership because when you buy from someone you meet on Craigslist or from an ad in the newspaper they cannot give you the same certified quality that a dealer backed by a manufacturer's warranty can give you. There is a lot of uncertainty when buying from a stranger. That is why we would recommend that you buy your next used car from Hendrick Pre-Owned that can offer the certified pre-owned status that you deserve.

Should I just save up and buy a new car instead?

Not necessarily, but it depends on your needs and what you want to get out of a car purchase. With the previously mentioned certified quality, many used cars on the market are near new car quality. If you want the most bang for your buck than in most cases buying a pre-owned vehicle can have the highest value of any automotive transaction that you will make.

What kind of inspection do "certified' pre-owned cars go through?

Every manufacturer has a different set of standards, but here is a sample of the standards that many popular manufacturers require their dealers abide by certification standards. Despite every certification check being a little different you can be assured that the quality and the rigorous nature of the checks is something that is the same across each different brand.

Will I have to worry about depreciation when I buy a used car?

No, when you buy a pre-owned vehicle you will not experience the same depreciation that a brand new vehicle will endure. Most new vehicles will generally lose around forty percent of their value just in the first year. Used cars will generally retain their value when they exchange hands for a second or even third or fourth time.

What sort of financing options are available for buying a pre-owned vehicle?

At Hendrick Pre-Owned we have a staff of professional financing experts ready to help you. When you buy a used car that isn't from a dealership you are on your own with financing. We can work within any budget and build a payment plan that is unique to you. With Hendrick Pre-Owned you won't need to deal with banks or third party financing. Make financing your next used vehicle simple and easy with us. The Hendrick Cars Cary financing team is here to assist you through the entire process and wants to set you up for success so that you will drive home happy in one of our certified pre-owned cars.

At Hendrick Pre-Oened we will make your next used car purchase a breeze. With a large selection, friendly sales staff, and professional finance team we will make sure that all of your automotive needs are taken care of when you shop with us.

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