Fix Your Exhaust System Before You Fail a Fuel Emissions Test

If you've ever failed a fuel emissions test, you know that you can't put off fixing your exhaust system. If you've never needed to do work on your exhaust system, consider yourself lucky. Broken mufflers and O2 sensors are common, but you might not know exactly what else is needed for a well-functioning exhaust system.

The muffler isn't the only component on your vehicle that's filtering the gases that come from your engine. The O2 sensors analyze the gases, and the catalytic converter filters them. On the way to the catalytic converter, the gases also pass through the manifolds, which are at the front of your vehicle. The muffler is only one piece of several in your exhaust system.

When one of these pieces is broken, not passing the fuel emissions test is only one of your problems. Your vehicle will also be noisy, and you'll likely smell something foul.



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