Motor Oil Myths Debunked

The motor oil inside of your vehicle's engine is very important. It's not only the kind of oil that you use, but the integrity of the oil after a few thousand miles and the level at which it sits at. We here at Hendrick Pre-Owned can give you an accurate recommendation on when you should have an oil change done based on what type of vehicle you have and a quick look at your car's manual. Don't listen to the every 3,000 miles rule. This is too general of a recommendation for every vehicle on the road.

When it comes to the type of oil that you use in your vehicle, the quality does matter. However, don't feel like synthetic is better than conventional or vice versa. They both have pros and cons. An auto service professional can recommend which brand and type is best for your vehicle if you are confused by the options. Stop by a trusted mechanic facility or contact us today to find out more.



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