Connected Cars Connect Our Lives

An infotainment system has become almost the standard in most vehicles produced today. What once was considered a high-end convenience feature has become a necessary system in modern vehicle operations. Originally, these systems merely combined the radio functions with the climate control system, as the name suggests. However, current systems are now capable of monitoring the vehicle diagnostics, news and traffic, shopping and local entertainment directories, and even monitoring the exterior of the vehicle with cameras.

The current application of infotainment systems represents a quantum leap in the way we use and interact with our vehicles. For example, some infotainment systems can now connect with Alexa or Google devices, allowing for operation of smart home devices from the car. This connection of car to home to driver will be a shift in the lifestyle of drivers around the world, and infotainment systems will continue to grow in complexity and integration. You can explore all of the many ways modern cars can connect you to your life with a visit to Hendrick Pre-Owned.



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