Common Causes for an Overheated Engine

If your car has overheated, it could be a result of one or more of the following instances shared by the Hendrick Pre-Owned car repair specialists. Look closely to see if the radiator hoses have been compromised. If the clamps are too loose or they appear corroded, they may have compromised the integrity of the hose, allowing coolant to escape.

The fan belt needs to be tight, moving the water pump blades to circulate the coolant throughout the engine. The belt might just be loose or it could have broken and the pump is inoperable. Be sure to check when the engine is cool if there is enough coolant in the radiator. Fill radiator and reservoir to the appropriate levels.

The thermostat may have failed, allowing the coolant to stay trapped and not circulate properly to the hottest parts of the engine. Make the time to inspect your cooling system for trouble today.

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