Does Your State Have a Move Over Law?

All 50 states have move over laws that require drivers to change lanes or slow down when approaching an emergency vehicle. Even if the emergency vehicle doesn't have it's lights flashing, you are required to change lanes or slow down if it's not safe to change lanes. At Hendrick Cars Cary, we strive to inform our readers of all the important things they need to know to stay safe on the road and protect their purchases.

Some states require that you decrease your speed by 20 mph when the speed limit is over 25 mph and to go under 5 mph when the speed limit is 25 mph and below. Penalties for violating the move over law vary from state to state. Some states can arrest you for it. Others give you a fine up to $500.

Observing the move over law is not only important to avoid fines and potential jail time but for the officer's safety as well. Familiarize yourself with a state's move over laws whenever you plan on driving through it.



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