Communication Gear Completes Winter Survival Kits

At Hendrick Preowned Car, we like to help our customers and other drivers find ways to stay safer. One way to mitigate many winter driving dangers is to always pack a well provisioned winter survival kit. While extraction equipment, first-aid kits, and food are important to have, is also important for winter survival kits to include robust communication gear.

Drivers who find themselves stranded in cold and icy conditions may often be far from normal sources of assistance. In such situations, durable and comprehensive communication gear can save the day. This equipment should go further than mobile phones, as many remote locations do not have cell service. It is better to pack solar powered transceivers, satellite phones, or even citizen band radios.

Another vital tool that should be found in every winter survival kit is a first aid package. Such first aid kits should contain all standard first responder equipment as well as any medications or technology that may be relevant to specific drivers or passengers. Also, it is key for stranded motorists to remain energized, and as such winter survival kits should contain liquid and solid forms of sustenance.



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