Studded vs Studless Tires: Find a Winter-Ready Vehicle

Buying winter tires seems like an easy enough process, right? You go to your service center and tell them you need new tires, and they do the work. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple because they need to know what kind of tires you want, which is where Hendrick Preowned Cary come in. We want to help you be as informed as possible when it comes to buying tires.

Although you may find many brands of tires, the two most common are studded and studless. The type you get depends on where you do most of your driving. Studded tires are great for traction on snow but should be removed in the spring. Studless tires will provide the best all-around traction and handling on both snow and ice. Tire technology available today has almost eliminated the need for studded tires.



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