Improve the Odor in Your Vehicle

When your car is smelling funky, it's time to figure out where the odor is coming from. Remove any trash from your vehicle, as this is a likely source. If you know that you spilled a drink several days ago on the floor, you are going to need to clean the carpet.

If you are a smoker, try to smoke outside of the vehicle. Even when you don't think it smells in your car, it probably does from the smoke. IF the problem is with one of your floor mats, clean your floor mats using shampoo.

Try leaving a bag of open coffee beans in your car overnight. This can remove smells from your car. Throw the coffee beans away after leaving in your car to soak up odors. Invest in a commercial odor neutralizer if nothing else works or have your car professionally detailed to take care of any remaining odors.



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