Making Emergency Situations Easier to Handle

If a tire goes flat or the engine stops running suddenly, you need to react quickly. Fortunately, there are easy steps to take to stay safe during a roadside emergency. For instance, you can put flares around your vehicle to let others know of your predicament. You can also call for help from your phone or any other nearby.

Be sure to check your vehicle before exiting to be sure that your kids or pets are accounted for. Temperatures inside of a vehicle can get dangerously hot quickly. 

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Should You Consider a Crossover Vehicle?

Some people simply utilize their vehicle to get them to and from work each day. Other people really need a vehicle that can keep up with their lifestyle and all of their hobbies. A crossover vehicle is a great option that allows you to get your every day driving done, but you can also use your crossover for things like towing a trailer, boat, SUV's and more. Their overall size is great. You get enough weight and power under the hood to get the job done, but crossovers don't take up a huge footprint like other vehicle options…

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Back to School Carpool Tips for Keeping Everyone Safe

Another school year is starting. These carpool safety tips will help to keep everyone safer as the school year begins.

The kids are going to be excited as your vehicle pulls up to the school. Don't allow them to just escape the vehicle, only allow them to exit curbside to avoid being hit by a passing vehicle. The same when they get home as they are excited to get out and play, only let them out of the ride curbside.

Get into the habit each day to remind kids during drop-off who will be picking them up today. 

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Motor Oil Myths Debunked

The motor oil inside of your vehicle's engine is very important. It's not only the kind of oil that you use, but the integrity of the oil after a few thousand miles and the level at which it sits at. We here at Hendrick Pre-Owned can give you an accurate recommendation on when you should have an oil change done based on what type of vehicle you have and a quick look at your car's manual. Don't listen to the every 3,000 miles rule. This is too general of a recommendation for every vehicle on…

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Connected Cars Connect Our Lives

An infotainment system has become almost the standard in most vehicles produced today. What once was considered a high-end convenience feature has become a necessary system in modern vehicle operations. Originally, these systems merely combined the radio functions with the climate control system, as the name suggests. However, current systems are now capable of monitoring the vehicle diagnostics, news and traffic, shopping and local entertainment directories, and even monitoring the exterior of the vehicle with cameras. 

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Signs that Your Starter is Failing

When your car has trouble or even refuses to start, it's natural to think that the battery is at fault. When the battery checks out okay, though, the starter could commonly be at fault. Following are several reasons why your starter may need attention.

A starter that makes a grinding noise is telling you that its gears are worn out. Another sign is a whining noise, known as freewheeling, that occurs when you try to start your vehicle, but it doesn't turn over. 

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How to Tell the Difference Between Towing vs. Payload Capacity

Do you get confused about the differences between the towing vs. payload capacity in a truck? Today, the team at Hendrick Cars Cary will clear up all the confusion.

Payload capacity is the added weight you wither place in the bed or the cab of your vehicle. It doesn't matter if you are hauling 100 sheets of sod in the bed or you just picked up a group of your friends and are driving them to work, these all qualify as payload. If it is added to the cab or the bed, you just increased the payload. 

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Deciphering Tire Codes 101

To the layperson looking at tires, all of the strange markings on the sidewall might as well be written in a foreign language. Included in this information is pertinent details about the size, model, and tire brand. In addition, the safety standards set by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) are stamped on the tire to indicate that the tire has met the national guidelines. Lastly, there are numbers detailing the load, speed, maximum inflation pressure, and the Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG) code.


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Spring Car Care and What it Means

In a perfect world, our vehicles get the same type of maintenance year-round, but it’s not a perfect world, and our cars often get neglected in the winter months. With spring finally here, it’s time to provide some spring car care for your vehicles. Stop by Hendrick Cars Cary and let us help you get through this process.

Spring maintenance can be something as simple as replacing bulbs and fuses, changing wiper blades and adding oil, or it may mean a complete tune-up. Unless you have lots of knowledge on auto repairs, you may want to bring your…

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Signs Your Exhaust is Leaking

Having fluid dripping from your tailpipe may be the most obvious sign that your exhaust system has developed a leak, but paying attention to how your car runs can help you diagnose an exhaust leak long before you see anything. Are you hearing unusual hisses, pops or high-pitched squeals when you're driving? This could be back pressure building up as a result of a leak.

Are you feeling vibrations, particularly on short drives? If your car's pipes can't get hot enough to evaporate condensation, rusting might occur, which can cause vibrations. 

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